Below are some of the talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Sean Smith – In Love With The Night SINGLE (2022)
Involvement: Mix Engineer
Genre: Pop/EDM
Lobate Scarp – You Have It All ALBUM (2022)
Involvement: Executive Producer, Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
Genre: Progressive Rock
Christy Nava – Soul Contracts EP (2021)
Involvement: Co-Producer, Recording Engineer.
Genre: Pop
Sparky's BurgersJack T. Leyton Orchestra ft. The Satin Dollz – Sparky’s Burgers SINGLE (2019)
Involvement: Producer, artist development.
Genre: Big Band
nothingwrongcoverLobate Scarp – Nothing Wrong SINGLE (2019)
Involvement: Producer, Recording Engineer, backing vocals.
Genre: Progressive Rock
chemical attractionJ-Rob MD – Chemical Attraction SINGLE (2019)
Involvement: Mix Engineer.
Genre: Tech House
troubleJ-Rob MD – Trouble SINGLE (2019)
Involvement: Mix Engineer.
Genre: Future House
Run For Cover - coverThe Crane & Fabian Project – Run For Cover (2019)
Involvement: Recording Engineer.
Genre: Jazz
Lucid-Fly-Building-Castles-In-Air-front-coverLucid Fly – Building Castles In Air (2016) ALBUMClients: Lucid Fly
Involvement: Vocal producer, engineer (bass, vocals).
Genre: Progressive Metal

Beautiful LightLobate Scarp 
– Beautiful Light (2016) SINGLEClients: Adam Sears
Involvement: Co-producer, woodwind arrangements, keyboards, backing vocals.
Genre: Symphonic Progressive Rock
TheOceanographersThe Oceanographers – The Abyss (2014) SINGLEClients: Justin Miyamoto, Rosie Rivadeneira
Involvement: Vocal producer.
Genre: Indie Pop
HortusAnimaeHortus Animae – Secular Music (2014) ALBUMClients: Diego “Grom” Meraviglia
Label: Flicknife Records
Involvement: Engineer (drums).
Genre: Metal
TribesTesting Tomorrow – Tribes (2013) ALBUMClients: Testing Tomorrow
Involvement: Producer, engineer, keyboards.
Genre: Hard Rock
TimeAndSpaceLobate Scarp – Time and Space (2013) ALBUMClients: Adam Sears
Involvement: Producer, engineer.
Genre: Progressive Rock
WeAreTheWebAmy Clarke – We Are The Web (2012) SINGLEClients: Amy Clarke
Involvement: Producer, engineer (vocals).
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
NoLimitsCrane/Fabian Project – No Limits (2012) ALBUMClients: Lance Crane
Involvement: Engineer, editing.
Genre: Jazz
HexfireHexfire – The Fire of Redemption (2011) ALBUMClients: Diego “Grom” Meraviglia
Involvement: Engineer (drums).
Genre: Metal
FarewellToGravelandMartyr Lucifer – Farewell to Graveland (2011) ALBUMClients: Diego “Grom” Meraviglia
Involvement: Engineer (drums on tracks 1, 2, 9, 10, & 11).
Genre: Metal
DerivaTesting Tomorrow – Deriva (2011) SINGLEClients: Testing Tomorrow
Involvement: Producer, engineer, and string arrangement.
Genre: Hard Rock
Children Of The EarthThe Venus Illuminato – Children of the Earth (2011) EPClients: Rob Franco and Brandon Kennedy
Involvement: Producer, engineer, and keyboards.
Genre: Folk Rock
Guillotine GamesNear Death Photography Club – Guillotine Games (2011) EPClients: Near Death Photography Club
Involvement: Engineer.
Genre: Gothic Rock
WillYouFindMeSilver Mountain Children – Will You Find Me (2011) SINGLEClients: Silver Mountain Children
Involvement: Producer, engineer.
Genre: Contemporary Folk
WalkTillMorningTom Renaud – Walk Till Morning (2010) ALBUMClients: Tom Renaud
Involvement: Producer, engineer, and keyboards.
Genre: Contemporary Folk
Mary Her StoryAmy Clarke – Mary (Her Story) (2009) SINGLEClients: Amy Clarke
Involvement: Co-producer, engineer, string arrangement, and mix.
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
LostInsideOpposite Sides – Lost Inside (2010) ALBUMClients: Massimo Arke
Involvement: Engineer guitars, editing.
Genre: Progressive Metal
Company With KingsThe Venus Illuminato – Company With Kings (2008) EPClients: Rob Franco and Brandon Kennedy
Involvement: Producer, engineer, keyboards, and mix.
Genre: Folk Rock
ModernFairytaleMarina V – Fool (2007) SINGLEClients: Marina V and Nick Baker
Involvement: Producer, engineer, and mix.
Genre: Pop
The Ludivico – Company With Kings (2007) SINGLEClients: Brandon Kennedy
Involvement: Co-writer, producer, engineer, mix, and B-3.
Genre: Alternative Rock
Aaron Shier – Run (2006) SINGLEClients: Aaron Shier
Involvement: Engineer.
Genre: Electronic Rock
The Ludivico – Untitled Demos (2005 – 2007)Clients: Brandon Kennedy
Involvement: Producer, engineer.
Genre: Alternative Rock
GravityAlwaysWinsDave Tough – Gravity Always Wins (2005) ALBUMClients: Dave Tough
Involvement: Co-producer, engineer.
Genre: Pop/Rock
GhostMatt Heinecke – Ghost EP (2003) EPClients: Matt Heinecke and Dave Tough
Involvement: Mixing, mastering.
Genre: Alternative Country
Various Clients – Various Demos (2002 – 2004)Clients: Toni Arthur, Dave Greene
Involvement: Co-writing, engineering, mixing, arranging, keyboards.
Steve Leavitt – Time Slips Away (2002) SINGLEClients: self-produced
Involvement: Co-writer, producer, engineer, keyboards, lead vocals.
Genre: Alternative Rock
Transfiguration – untitled (1995) EPClients: Jonie Bliman
Involvement: Co-writer, arranger, keyboards.
Genre: Synth-Pop