Introducing The Artist Advisement Session

May 3, 2017 | Posted in News | By

Steve is launching a new venture called I Create Sound aimed at helping DIY musicians and engineers alike hone their sound at a bite sized affordable rate.

With so many projects these days being self-produced and recorded, who do you turn to when you get in over your head or need a second opinion about “Is this sounding good?!”

The Artist Advisement session was designed for just such a scenario.

For as low $29 you’ve got the answers you need on call. Think of it as a Producer in your Pocket.

Some of the topics we cover are:

Recording technique
Equipment selection
Home studio layout and design
Production advice
Mix critiques and second opinion
Career guidance

Stuck? Give us a call.

To book your free 15 minute session, email s t e v e @ i  c r e a t e s o u n d . c o m   and include a little bit about yourself and what you’re working on.