August 7, 2013 | Posted in: News

Via Testing Tomorrow

NEWSFLASH : Dear friends, fans and supporters worldwide. Our master effort TRIBES has been completed. For all of us, this has been the culmination of a lifetime of experiences and effort in the realm of music. TRIBES stands as the gemstone we are all the most immensely proud of. We wish to truly thank everyone who has been part of this dream. Steven Leavitt, Rich Mouser, Anthony Taglianetti, James Law and all the guest players + technical crew that made ‘TRIBES’ a reality. Without you, we would not have done it. Needless to say that now begins a long journey for us as a band. TRIBES will not be released to the public, although some previews of songs will be available through our upcoming full new website. For the next months, we will embark in one of the most intense shopping campaigns we have ever undertaken as a band and as individuals. The purpose is to get Testing Tomorrow signed to a record company that believes in this band and can provide the means and support this album deserves. It was an incredible ride started years back…it’s time for us to bring it home ! Thank you. – TT